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Eelam and Indian Security

Part I:  Eelam and Indian Security: Averting a Catastrophe

“What is precarious is that the isolation of the LTTE and active assistance for a military option against it by the International Community, may lead the LTTE and the people backing it with no option other than facing the situation. The repercussions are sure to threaten Indian security for a long time to come.”


Part II:  Eelam and Indian Security: Need for policy alternatives

“It is not a secret that ever since the beginning of the liberation struggle of the Tamils of Sri Lanka, a small but influential group of individuals worked against it in India. People from opinion making sections of the society, i.e., journalists, professors, diplomats, former diplomats, bureaucrats, and officers of the armed and intelligence services were in this group. They were the main advisors of the government. Their words carried more weight than the public opinion.

In a way, by its near total dependence on the Dravidian politics of Tamil Nadu to garner India’s support, the Sri Lankan Tamil movement has failed to address and convince the Indian elite of its larger dimensions of liberation politics and its worthiness to regional stability and security.

Everybody knows what is meant by the phrase ‘International Community’ today. The Sri Lankan Tamil militancy has not committed any offence to USA or EU. It is a local freedom struggle….

Yet, many may wonder the kind of vengeful ferocity shown towards the LTTE and along with it towards the Tamil cause in Sri Lanka, by the so-called International Community.

It is not that the IC doesn’t know that the terrorism they speak of is a counter-product of genocide. The real reason for their wrath is the refusal of the LTTE to sell out the struggle to the strategic and economic interests of the International Community, where as the Sinhala polity is prepared to give away everything to have the Tamils exterminated as a nation.

Collaboration with the IC against the interests of the Tamils will boomerang on India in the long run.

The history of the past sixty years has brought us to a point that makes separation a necessary condition to renegotiate a union on an equal basis.

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