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    Is conservative government making Canada a racist state?

    I still remember, I was put in an ESL level 2 [English as a Second Language] class in one of the suburbs of Toronto, after I came to Canada in 1995.  The whole class is full of immigrants.  I was really in shock.  I used to wonder, how could this be?  The country I’m from does not even handle another set of people – Tamils, while Canada accepts and most importantly welcomes people from all over the world.  We had to write journals everyday in our ESL class.  I remember, I always write about how Canada is a racism free country and how I truly feel the freedom and all. …

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    Canada deserted Canadian Tamils; Who is next?

    I am very disappointed that all our parliamentarians deserted us, Tamil Canadians, on Tuesday April 21 2009, in Ottawa, except NDP Leader Jack Layton.  I was particularly disappointed that Liberals also did not show up.  Only a representative from the Liberal office read a pre-written statement from Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff. Canada is not a neutral country, as it took side with the Sri Lankan government by banning LTTE in 2006, and it must be noted, in the same year Sri Lanka withdrew from the ceasefire unilaterally, then officially in 2008. This month, Sri Lanka removed Norway from the role of a broker. I only went to the protest in…

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