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    Excel date format fix

    formula to reformat date from Either set regional and language options to match the format OR DD/MM/YYYY to MM/DD/YYYY OR MM/DD/YYYY to DD/MM/YYYY =(SUBSTITUTE(MID(C3,FIND(“/”,C3)+1,2),”/”,)&”/”&SUBSTITUTE(LEFT(C3,2),”/”,)&”/”&RIGHT(C3,4))

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    Switching language in web user interface pages

    language.asp Use the above file to switch between two languages of your web user interface. Ex English and French. All your webpages has to be named <somename>_e.asp <somename>_f.asp ex. aboutMe_e.asp, index_f.asp While the user is on one page [aboutMe_e.asp], s/he can click on the menu option “language” and it will automatically switch to the other language [aboutMe_f.asp]. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about linking the other language files, since this “language” option on the menu would automatically display the correct file. Note: Please rename the file to “language.asp” _____ CAPital

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