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    CFML bugs

    Val() function in CFML puts uncompacted value upto 999999999999 ========== CF custom page if you didn’t declare a var in a page & u call.. a custom page inside that custom page you say Caller.varname [but that “varname” ins’t defined in the parent] this is valid… & the advantage is that u can access that in the parent page [calling page] as Variables.varname even though that “varname” is not declared inside the parent page. _____ CAPital

  • ASP/ ASP.NET,  Web Programming

    [VB] Improvements

    Avoid multiple Response.Write statements and group them in to few. Slower: ‘Add a default Select Word Response.Write ” <option value=””0″”>(Select a Program Manager)</option>” ¨       Do While Not objRs.EOF Response.Write ” <option value=” & objRs!ProjManKey & “>” & objRs!ProjMan & “</option>” objRs.MoveNext Loop Response.Write “</font> </select>” Faster: Dim strHTML ‘Add a default Select Word strHTML =  ” <option value=””0″”>(Select a Program Manager)</option>” Do While Not objRs.EOF strHTML = strHTML & ” <option value=” & objRs!ProjManKey & “>” & objRs!ProjMan & “</option>” objRs.MoveNext Loop strHTML = strHTML &  “</font> </select>” Response.Write strHTML ______ CAPital

  • ASP/ ASP.NET,  Web Programming

    ASP.NET [VB] bugs

    <script language=”VBScript” runat=”server”> above seems to be executing at server AFTER the page is loaded.  So loading data before a page is loaded is not working.. <% %> this inline script seems t be loading BEFORE a page is loaded in a web browser. _____ CAPital

  • ASP/ ASP.NET,  Web Programming

    ASP [VB] bugs

    If <%inline script%> used[Server.CreateObject], the connection object is created right away, while if <object> tag is inserted <%…%> <object …. <%…%> works, the object created by the <object> tag doesn’t get created until there is a use ex. if the object created using <object is a recordSet, then it is never created until recordSet.Execute.. or similar happens ========= if the object is created using Server.CreateObject inside a SUB or FUNCTION, then that object is never created until that SUB or FUNCTION is called. ====== <script language=”VBScript” runat=”server”> tag wouldn’t execute unless it is explicitely called, as a FUNCTION or SUB ======= If you Request.QueryString() a non-defined variable VBS automatically creates…

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