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100 to 300 People – Compare banquet hall service prices for 1st birthday party/ puberty ceremony

Here are the criteria I asked for
Birthday Party
100 people
July 6th

சாம‌த்திய‌ வீடு/ Puberty Ceremony
125 people
July 13

It was said, the prices would not change in the range of 100 to 300.  If you go above, then the prices might come down.



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(416) 428 3333

July 6 not available
July 13 is available in Markham for small area

Said will call back, but never did

RS Royal Party Service

Said will call back, but never did


After so much phone calls, we finally picked these guys and had a meeting for 1 hour at Chandni Gateway hall.
He is very down to earth person, and came well prepared with food menu, event photos, and manavarai photos on his laptop.
He gave 2 choices of Videographer, 3 choices of make up ladies, 3 choices of “basic” manavarai and he also showed a $4000 manavarai

called & left msg & he called back
In any of the following halls
Sam/ Thavarajah

1st birthday party
-$250 if you are hiring your own videographer

சாம‌த்திய‌ வீடு/ Puperty Ceremony in any one of the halls
Tomken & Derry
959 Derry Rd East
Mississauga, Ontario
L5T 2S7

$5000 – excl video & makeup
$5500 – incl video, make up

Chandni Gateway
Airport & Queen Street
5 Gateway Blvd
Brampton, ON
L6T 4X2

$6,500 – including everything
410 & DERRY
1370 Edward Avenue
Brampton, ON

Himalaya Banquet Services

called & left msg

Birthday Party
Dixie & Eglington

no other halls for B/day

சாம‌த்திய‌ வீடு/ Puberty Ceremony
$9000  + basic manavarai
Limo +$250
incl kolam

Either 2 halls
Airport & Queen
Albion & 27


called & left msg, never called back


This is same guys as Vimika


They don’t do anything except, Wedding & Reception

Seven Star Banquet Party Services

called & left msg

$40 – 50 / person

$5000 without video, photo
$6000 – incl everything

$8000 including everything
Embassy/ Pearson/ Birdy halls


All Seasons

Called & said he’ll call back, but never did


HERE ARE THE HALLS NEAR THE AREA HWY 427 & HWY 7 – regardless of Tamil people or not


Called & left msg
They no longer book as they are closing down


$5,500 everything incl hall, decoration, game, food
$4,500 hall, decoration

july 6 & 7 not available
only July 14 available


$80/ person
$60/ person


$18/ person  3 appetizers …
$1,300 just hall

to see hall, visit 11 am – 11 pm  SAT, 12 noon – 6 pm SUN


called & left a msg.  They wanted us to come to speak with a Sales Rep

$50 / person
no DJ
Western & European food
includes open bar as well.


They said to call around 2pm on SAT.  I never called back
Com’ on, If you want our business, you should take our number and call back – even if we forgot!


$35/ person if no food
if food, you have to come & select the menu


$3000 just hall, decoration
$35 – 40/ person  if getting food from them – Italian, no charge for hall



July 6, 7 not available
July 14th is available

$20 – 30/ person food & hall
$1,500 just hall


$850 +HST
$300 damage deposit
$75 key deposit / none needed if their security company opens the halls for us

July 7 & 14 available, but not July 6th not available


$25/ person 4 appetizers 2 meat 2 veg
$15/ person + $1/ person for chair cover
$1/ person soft drinks
$30/ person for alcohol [$150 for bar tender if you are bringing your own alcohol]

July 6th, 14th not available
no SATs available, only FRI & SUN available


only 2 halls 80/ 400 people
for 400 people hall, need minimum 200 ppl


$50 / person Silver package
available sri lankan food + soft drinks [these guys have all community food suppliers]

$30 / person   just the hall
July 6, 7 available
July 14 not available.

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