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Date: 2007/11/09 @ 8:10 am [GMT-5]

Dear John,

I agree with your argument that “Desperation is no excuse for murder and mayhem”. But how can a tiny minority in a tiny island could do better when the state crushed their peaceful democratic efforts, as what Mandela and Gandhi did, in 1953, 1958, 1977, and 1983 with iron hand? [1]

Unlike in China (after Tienanmen square) or recent Myanmar, the international community did not react. As a result, the state terror went into high gears. Further, Canada is now home to more than 250000; most came here as political refugees, fearing Sri Lanka’s oppression.

LTTE is not the cause of the mayhem but it’s the product of state terrorism. When Tamils realized that none is willing to help, they started to build their own armed movement. If Gandhi could free India without ‘terrorism’, then why not Americans could not free themselves without being called ‘terrorist’ by UK?

If every country believes in negotiations, we all do not have to have military.

Tamil struggle to live free has started after the British left Sri Lanka in 1948. Sri Lanka was ruled by two kingdoms before the colonial powers took control and it was British who amalgamated the two administrations. When they left, they left it at the hands of Sinhalese majority. We have tried all peaceful protests, but they were met with state terrorism.

Tamils resorted to arms liberation as the last option. If the international community has the courage to force Sri Lanka to offer an acceptable political package, say as the province of Quebec, the bloodshed will stop.

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  1. To John Moore, I listen to your show everyday and enjoy it very much. You were discussing solutions to traffic problems in Tor.
    Later it downed on me that the best public transmit system (and I
    have travelled quite a bit in Europe and elswhere) that I saw was
    the Bart System in San Francisco. Have you travelled on it yourself?
    Fast,efficient,no cashiers,eveything was automated and it was quite a few yrs.ago. (I guess my topic suggestion about limiting
    and controlling hospital visitors did,t go over ver well?)
    Lov e your show, Mary in Burlington

  2. Thanks Mary for your visit and comments.

    Please be aware is not in any way affiliated to CFRB’s NewsTalk or John Moore himself.

    Thank you for your understanding.

  3. I am so disappointed not hearing Christine Ternisky anymore

    What happened to her? she was great to listen to.

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