There are tons of issues with Disnat. Yet, I was like, “they will improve”. So what triggered me to exit Desjardin’s Disnat? Instead of explaining, let me post the emails:

Dear Supervisor,

I have sent tickets & talked to your support personnel. On June 22,
2016 there were consecutive board lots sold lower than 4.58. At
least that’s what DDXtra showed me. Please see the attached
. I sent this to your support personnel and they replied
saying it wasn’t the case. In DDXtra it was showing 200 lots &
another 4200 lots consecutively. And I took this screenshot on June
30, many days after June 22. So either DDXtra is wrong or your
DDClassic- the web version your support personnel used to say it
wasn’t the case – is wrong.

In any case, DDXtra become not trust worthy. So I would like to get
my money back, if my stock would have been sold at 4.58 – even
though it went higher later in the day and high again on June 23.
That would be US $302.61

Otherwise, you leave me no choice but to transfer my trading account
and my Caisse accounts to another financial institution. There are
many other bugs in your system – e.g. some stocks doesn’t trade
until I submit a ticket, but what made me mad this time, that even
though I sent screenshots your support personnel kept on denying
until it is more than 15 days old and now the DDXtra doesn’t show
the June 22 chart.

I will look forward to your reply.

And their reply was

Good day,

Kindly note that the findings of the investigation indicated, as explained in the June 23rd email we sent to you,  that the order you placed could only have been triggered on the 23rd of June. Hence the activity you are referring to on the 22nd may have been erroneous. If this is the case, DisnatDirect cannot be held accountable for what could be considered erroneus information.

As previously stated, the activity for the 22nd of June does not show consecutive/board lot trades for this security.  In light of this situation, we are not willing to refund any portion of losses you may have absorbed because the trade was properly executed and our system worked as designed.  If you would like to file a complaint, simply register the latter with our compliance department.   You can send an email to [email protected] and we will forward this to the persons responsible for handling said matters.   Or you can consult our Handling of complaints section of the relationship disclosure document (, section 2.3, for more information.

Thank you for your understanding.

The Disnat team

Now you know why I decided to get the hell out of Disnat. I want the money I lost due to Desjardin’s Disnat’s wrong data on their Active Trader Platform US $302.61

So what triggered my blog post? Instead of explaining, let me post the emails:

I sent an email on Aug 2, 2016 at 12:58 PM

Hi Disnat Supervisor/ Director,

I see there was a charge of $10.00 for “REQUEST OF CHEQUE” on my July statement.

Please refund me the amount, as I’m dissatisfied with your service and that’s why I’m closing the account.

And the Disnat replied on Aug 2, 2016 at 2:26 PM

Good day,

We regret to inform you that we will not be refund the $10 cheque withdrawal fee. The fee was charged as per our fee schedule, which is indicated on our website.

If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact our Client Service department at 1-866-873-7103.


The Disnat team

So I replied on Aug 2, 2016 at 2:30 PM

In the wake of you are not willing to refund me $10.00 for the “REQUEST OF CHEQUE”, you leave me no choice but to publicize my troubled dealings with Desjardins.

I’ll post all my findings and proofs in my blog

And I will share in social media, and google AdWords.

Subject/title will be “Desjardins and Disnat – don’t even think about it”

Please pass this email to Charls and whomever it concerns.

I have sent an email to Disnat notifying of my blog post on Aug 13, 2016 at 10:09 AM. I have not received any reply so far. It was surprising to me that Disnat weighed to lose reputation online and social media over refunding the mere $10, even though I said I’ll publish all the issues with proofs.

I have sent the following email to Desjardins investment product Disnat's support team supervisor, and my Caisse account manager on July 17, 2016.

So after posting this and sending it to bunch of people [listed at the bottom of this post], someone from Desjardins customer service called. She said the Director has been changed [good for Disnat + Desjardins]. So they are making some radical changes and fixing things. Anyhow, she said they are abolishing the policy of $10 fee to send cheque. So I’ll be getting my US $10 in another cheque soon. 😉

To Whomever It Concerns,

Please prepare to transfer my Caisse account and Disnat DDXtra accounts to another financial institution, as I’m greatly disappointed by the accuracy and performance of DDXtra.

You can see my full conversation with DDXtra that triggered in the below email chain. In short, I am disappointed for the following reasons.

  1. Even though I had a screenshot of DDxtra, which I took 8 days after trading to prove there was 3 trading happened on the June 22, the Disnat personnel kept on denying. It was one of them 200 board lots and another 4200 board lots. Since the data was there on DDXtra even after 8 days, shows that there is no doubt that the trading wasn’t settled. DDXtra supervisor said it “may have been erroneous” and “DisnatDirect cannot be held accountable for what could be considered erroneous information”. What good an “active trader” platform, when the data is “erroneous” even after many days?
  2. New equities don’t start trading on DDXtra even when it is on RBC. Support says those stocks were not supported by DDXtra, and to the surprise, next day after I complained, it starts trading!
  3. When I signed up, Disnat site had DDPlus will get “Access to DDQUOTES”. When I asked for access they said, they no longer provide access to DDPlus customers – I was DDPlus customer at that time –  and they forgot to remove that from the website. After I stressed, they said, they make an exception and give access to me. Yet to this date, the website shows DDPLUS & DDXtra & DDWeb customers will get “Access to DDQUOTES”.
  4. Sometimes, I noticed the Open price of an equity is way off. I had to refer to my RBC and submit a ticket for them to fix it.
  5. One time, my Buy executed higher than the Day’s High. And the stock didn’t reach to my executed price for the next 10 mins. I’m not sure who is getting the profit here!
  6. Orders got rejected because of a bug that it required 9% more fund than what’s currently trading. After I submit bug report, they fixed it.
  7. I did a currency conversion from US to CA with Disnat support personnel on the phone to cover my fee and got confirmation number. The next day it said I still owe $1. When I called they said, the currency changed by the time the staff entered the order and submitted, yet I still have to pay the $1. After I fight with them that it is their staff did the transaction, they generously agreed to waive that!
  8. On your website it says, I will get “Canadian market depth (Level 1¾)” with DDXtra. When I called the support, they kept on saying it is not given for DDXtra. After so many phone calls & fights, they finally figured it out how to show it to me.
  9. STOP orders can only be set during normal market hours. LIMIT must be exactly same [not even lower] as the STOP. So if the price jumped you are stuck!
  10. After opening a Margin account, I had to request to allow SHORT orders. And repeatedly 3 separate days DDXtra rejected and I had to submit tickets before I was allowed to SHORT again.
  11. And last but not least, access to is revoked

As you can see, I had to fight to get even the basic functionalities that I signed up for. And on top of it, the platform is inaccurate and buggy. For each one of the items mentioned above, I had submitted tickets with screenshots, so I can send it to you if you insist.

So for all these reasons and other petite reasons that I haven’t mentioned here, I would like to transfer out of Desjardin. I will let you know which financial institution soon.

I have sent the link to my blog post to email addresses found on the following sites:

[Aug 17, 2016]

[Aug 19, 2016]

Financial Consumer Agency of Canada’s Inquiries and Complaints

[Aug 23, 2016]

Ontario Securities Commission’s Complaint, Tip & Inquiry
[Found in Contact Us page]

[Aug 25, 2016]

Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments

IIROC’s Customer Online Complaint Form

[email protected]

[Sept 12, 2016]

2 Comments on Desjardins and Disnat – Don’t even think about it

2 Replies to “Desjardins and Disnat – Don’t even think about it”

  1. Good afternoon,

    Last week, I also had a problem with Disnat classic too. I put a stop loss on a share but never it was executed even though the share was lower than my stop loss, two days later. 🙁

    The same issue happened 8-10 years ago before transferring all my portfolios to another broker.

    Since then, I though Disnat would resolve the issue … it seems that they are sleeping at work! After all, this is not their money, it’s our money isn’t it?

    Thanks for your post. I then know I’m not alone to have an issue with Disnat and very happy.


  2. Hi.
    First of all, I am not very surprise, because as you know, financial institutions will certainly not start refund everyone who asks for it because they will be doing it alll the time.

    Your blog is interesting as i just submited a demand to open a disnat account. That makes me rethink my choice, and i was wondering where you do your trades now if not with disnat??? I am a beginner in the market and I am trying to find the best broker for me.

    Thank you and keep writing

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