After posting this and sending the link to all offices of The Brick and submitting a complaint at the Better Business Bureau, The lady from The Brick called and offered to give me the warranty value sofa.  So within 30 days, I went and selected a new sofa and that got delivered.  Thanks for all for your visit to my blog.

By the way, here is a site that gave me ideas about The Brick’s warranty:

I bought 3 piece leather sofas [chair, lover seat, and 3 seat sofa] from The Brick on February 09, 2008 at the following location

Phone:(905) 629-2900
Fax:(905) 219-2871
Toll Free:1 (800) 991-0202

I also purchased an extended warranty of 5 years for this product, since I’m buying the leather sofa for the first time.   The salesperson assured me that if anything goes wrong with the sofa, they will fix it or replace it.  I thought I was making a smart choice.

I am very disappointed that the product just does not match up to the claims made by The Brick’s salesman. It has been less than 3 years and already the leather changed colour as a snake skin and started to peel off like in the following photos.

Leather sofa from The BrickLeather sofa from The BrickThe Brick's leather sofaLeather sofa from The BrickLeather sofa from The Brick

We notified The Brick of this problem.   They sent a photographer to take photos.  After few days they called us and told us that our 5 year warranty does not cover the “normal wear and tear”.   I told them that I’m going to blog about this.  The woman I spoke with did not worry.  Since it looked so ugly, we put a cover to hide it.  The interesting point to  note is that at home there is no child.  All 3 adults living.  Imagine this leather sofa used in a 2 children house.  This would have been ripped in 1 year.  Right now the leather from the seat ripped off on the 3 seat sofa like in the following photos.

Leather sofa from The BrickLeather sofa from The BrickLeather sofa from The BrickLeather sofa from The Brick

First it ripped along the stitches.  As we sit more on it, it started to make it path.  We notified The Brick again.  This time they told us to take the photo and send it.  By the time we took photos and attached it in the email and sent to them, one week passed by.  Adrijana Grujic [email protected] confirmed that she received the photos and its under review on April 30, 2011.  Now they said that it does not look like a “fresh rip” of the leather and hence it is not covered by the 5 year so called warranty.  When I told the woman I spoke to that I’m going to complain the issue to Ministry of Consumer Services, she did not even care.  In case you are wondering what is the original look and feel of the leather sofa, look at the last 2 photos from above.  On one side you see its thick brown without any snake skin scaling.  That was how the entire sofa looked when I bought it!

I have been The Brick’s customer for number of years and this is the 2nd time that I have been so disappointed with their products.  I request that they replace my 3 piece sofa as I not only spend more then $2000 on the product but I also bought the warranty for it spending $300.

I am enclosing copy of the Receipt for proof of purchase.

Do not buy The Brick's warranty

If you notice the bill, it includes

  • Full 5yr blanket coverage
  • Construction warranty
  • Master surface coverage
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25 Replies to “Don’t buy The Brick’s warranty”

  1. Hello, my name is Stefanie from Kitchener and we have a similar problem. We bought a bonded leather sofa (2 actually) and my son spilled apple juice on them. The stains are not coming off and the Brick is telling me to steam clean them. I asked several companies and they told me that you cannot steam clean bonded leather. Well, The Brick had to admit that this is impossible. Now they are asking me to let them professionally cleaned. Problem is, I cannot find one company who can clean bonded leather. I thought that with the Master Surface Coverage The Brick will try to clean it and if not possible they will replace it. I cannot find a copy of the policy for the master surface coverage. Do you have a copy of it? They don’t have it on their webpage. Thank you so much.

    1. Hi Stefanie,

      Sorry to hear that. Brick’s warranty is a tricky one. I see so many people having problem with that.

      But if they are willing to try to clean your sofa, then give them. If they mess-up, they’ll have to give you new right. So give it a try.
      Sorry, I don’t think I have the Master Surface Warranty. It’s been long time. If I have it, I’ll send you.

  2. Hi,
    I’m happy to see people reacting to this kind of problems but I’m sad to see that they have the problems. I have two sofas and they start pilling off. At that time, the sales rep told me that I’m fully covered (if something is going wrong they gonna fix it or replace it). Now I see that they don’t cover the pilling off but the fact that sales rep has lied … is frustrating. In the last few weeks I had also problems with sales reps from Cogeco and Rogers. With rogers, there was a promotion like “buy a phone and get a free xbox 360 with kinect”. I bought it on July 11, received the phone on July 14 but not the xbox because I activated my phone after the end of promotion (the promotion ended on JULY 13). So … don’t trust the sales reps untill you get something written, mail or email.

    1. Damn,

      That’s really sucks. No XBox… Return the phone.. Oh wait, they say.. it should be less than 30mins used… I bet its all used up.

  3. You’re right ;). They offered me some credit but less that 50% of the value of a new xbox, which offended me. My only chance is Consumer Protection. I’m gonna make a complain and … we’ll see. Btw, have anybody made a complaint to Consumer Protection before?

  4. Hi I am from eastern new Brunswick and was up to Kitchener a couple of weeks ago with my son and his family and I bought them a mattress from The Brick .It cost me $790.97 and I received no contract for it and from the way they treated me I would not buy anything more from them if I lived up here.Without going into any more details they gave me a hard time. I hope my daughter-in – law gets what I paid for ,but the salespeople are arrogant and not at all friendly. Not my kind of people.

  5. We bought a Sofa/Love seat 5 yrs ago @ the Brick Kirkland Quebec Was told by Salesman… Yes its leather… Within a few months it was peeling… Complained to the store wrote to head office .. Local claim Dept very RUDE just frustrating so gave up …. however when the Garbage truck came to pick up the \”JUNK\” a few days ago the Label affixed by Provincial law was found..
    REG NO 25E8131
    Federal Requirements: LEATHER
    Recouvrement Exterieur- CUIR
    Just after the word LEATHER in tiny print barely readable –look
    IMO: This is FRAUD….. any ideas how to proceed…

  6. I also bought a microfiber couch from the brick with the 5 yr warranty. I called for repair after only two years because there was a section where the stitching became loose. After a guy coming in and taking photos I was told this was normal wear and tear also. I paid my own independant guy to come in and repair and he confirmed that no it was not normal wear and tear. Bottom line I will never buy from them again

  7. OMG this is the struggle we are going trough rigjt now with our bonded leather sofa ut is flaking god jnows what all iver our toddlers hands and feet im being tossed through their system and nobody cares to return calls I dont know what step to take next call the paper? the news? I will not put up with this

    1. If you are willing to go through the court, you can put a complaint at small claims court. You could just do it yourself, you don’t need a lawyer.

  8. I bought a sofa sectional with a chase lounger from the Brick 10 months ago. This Brick store is located in Winnipeg Manitoba on Regent Ave. at about 8 months old I started calling the Brick about warranty as it’s a woven type of material and lots of pieces were tearing all over the sofa and sticking out everywhere. First time I called a women asked me to send her pictures, she never got back to me. Two weeks latter I called again and couldn’t speak to that same women as I only reached a call center. I spoke to a man this time, he told me there was no notes on my account that even showed I had called.He assured me he would get on it, then again no call. Two more weeks go buy I call again and am told the same thing, no notes. Now this guy that I spoke to actually followed through. A week latter he called me back. He offered me $500.00 to justify for an 8 month old sofa falling apart, even though the sofa was $1999.99 through one of their specials they were having. I have the full coverage warranty, and don’t know why I bought it. They didn’t send anyone to my house to look at it either, I would never suggest anyone shops at The Brick, and if they do, DO NOT buy the warranty.

    1. I agree with you 100%. Do not buy from The Brick, or even if you buy, do not buy the Warranty

  9. I bought the warranty, when I needed the warranty for stain, they said it’s abused, customer misused. When I bought the warranty, the salesman said that I should get it because I have two kids so for sure they will get some stains on the chairs , I don’t have to worry about it. So the stain is from customer misused as I find out when I make a claim. File closed!!

    1. I feel the frustration. I wish next time somebody buys at The Brick, they secretly record the salesman pitch.

  10. I also am having an issue with the extended warranty that the brick sells. When I purchased my item in 2009 I was offered the extended warranty, and was told you can’t lose by buying it. If you do not make a claim within the extended time frame then you would receive a credit from the brick in the amount of the warranty to be used on future purchases. I bought it, my extended time is up and when I went into the store to inquire about my credit there was all of a sudden extras that were not explained by the salesperson. It must be used as a 1 time purchase, if your credit is for $400 and u buy something for 150$ you lose the extra $250; also it can only be used on furniture and mattresses, not appliance or electronics. The lady I spoke to told me there was much confusion by the sales staff at the beginning of this new program and that they had only really become aware of the details in the past year or so…No one at the time of the sale mentioned these rules….. I went home angry returning to the store a few days later and at that time I was told the same things but also the fact that it has to be used within 90 from the time warranty expired. I then spoke to the manager who was extremely rude and belittle me because I am a female, told me I heard only what I wanted it is on the back of the invoice where the warranty is spell out. That is great but by the time you get this paper you have already bought the item and the warranty. My mother also made an extremely large purchase which she bought the extended warranty on appliances and electronic, and was never told of the exceptions and time frames either. Maybe she only heard what she wanted to as she is also just a female. I then spoke to a lady at head office in Edmonton; I explained the issue she agreed that I had a reasonable case and that she has many people complain about the same thing, not being told the full story. She also said that they only got the full version of the inclusions about 1 year ago. I then called head office back and spoke to the RUDEST in history, apparently she is management in customer service(scary thought) she told me use it or not didn’t matter to her, she assumed that I was literate and that it is all written on the warranty paperwork(that you get after the fact), she would not give me her last name, it is not important.. I asked for the president of the Bricks name, again she told me I did not need it so she would not give it to me, I said yes I did need it, she said why they would say the same thing that she is telling me. Finally she told me that if I watched the commercials I would see the president’s name. HOLY F… I am in the legal profession, and they have broken so many laws it is incredible. The Consumer Protection Act is a great place for information on this sort of thing. Also the Brick as a company is Vicariously Liable for anything that any of their employees says to a customer. I will not let this be dropping; next step is to the invisible TV president and then court action. Anyone else have issues with what they were told at the time of sale of the extended warranty, and what actually they received when it expired? Let me know… I am in Ottawa

    1. Legal action is a solid option, but it takes so long & costly. Since u r a legal profession, may b u can do it.

      the sales ppl still do it. Simple is u take a hidden video camera & talk like u r going to buy sofa or some big stuff.

      Contact me if u need my help.

  11. hi stephanie,

    I just read you complaint and we just went through the identical situation about the rules with the warranty.

  12. To protest against the wrong doings, unlawful extended warranty selling, forcing customers to buy extended warranty and misrepresentating to customers and not delivering or honoring the committments, we the Customers of The BRICK like to file a petition against the Brick and would like to file a class action suit against their gross negligence, mishandling of customers and failure to disclose honestly the terms of extended warranty.I have just visited GoPetition and found the following page very interesting:


  13. so many complaints about The Brick Warranty – is an absolute disgrace!
    3 months ago I began communications with their so called “customer service”, yesterday i received a call to say that they cannot replace the cushion because the sofa is now discontinued!!

  14. I bought a chenille sofa with chaise and it was delivered wednesday. by friday the stitching was coming out and ripping down the seam on the chaise. I emailed the brick that very night on Friday and phoned them and they said they would send out a technician. after thinking about it I realize it’s only been two days since they delivered it so I emailed them again on Saturday to say it was a waste of their time to come they should just come pick up this couch and bring a new one. I sent them a picture of it as well. no response and no phone call from a technician and i phoned again tonight which is Tuesday, and nobody picks up the phone at customer care or at the store that I bought at which is two hours away. ANY ADVICE?

  15. NOTE: oddly enough the brick phoned a few hours after i posted. They have resolved the matter by giving me a few options to choose from, I will be getting a refund if i cant find a couch i like as a replacement

  16. I am writing to inform you of my deep disappointment and frustration, with the level and quality of service that I have received from your organization.

    In 2011, I purchased a top-notch whirlpool Gold series refrigerator from The Brick. Although I was initially hesitant to purchase and extended warranty, as many consumer groups advise against those, the sales representative urged me to reconsider citing that this extended warranty is something that I would never come to regret purchasing and that it would always be backed by the strong name of The Brick. Having put my trust in hands of The Brick, I went ahead and purchased the extended warranty.

    Only two years later (September 2013) the refrigerator began developing a string of manufacture related problems. Initially, the freezer began leaking water. The Brick directed me to its warranty division known as Trans Global. To my surprise I was told that they only operate from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. This caused me problems as (like most of the working world) I was forced to lose a day of work just to have my issue repaired. However, I went ahead and called in the repair. In addition the reparation call caused me even further financial cost as I was obliged to defrost the freezer causing me to lose the value of the food in the freezer. What I was told was a simple repair ended up being anything but simple. The same problem reoccurred several months later (January 2014) causing me to once again lose a day of work and the cost of lost food. As if that wasn’t enough this very same problem reoccurred on July 2015 for a third time, at which point the service repair man told me that the two previous repairs were not performed according to industry standards. He proceeded to repair the problem using a different approach.

    On August 10, 2015, (only one month from the last service repair) my refrigerator began operating very poorly. The refrigerator portion was not refrigerating at all, whilst the freezer portion was in extreme over-freezing mode, both of which caused the food in there to spoil. When I called Trans Global and asked if given the circumstances they could put a rush on my repair, they flatly denied my request claiming that it is not in their operating procedures to consider any exceptional circumstances. On August 12, 2015 a service repairman came by and told me that I would have to wait even longer to have my refrigerator repaired, as they did not have the part in stock. At that point the service repairman assured me that typically they could get the part and repair my refrigerator within the next day as refrigerators are considered an important appliance for a household. He even told me to proceed with a total defrost of the refrigerator as this repair would occur soon. This is now the fourth time that I have food spoiled due to a total defrost of the refrigerator. When I mentioned this to the service repairman, he told me that I would be eligible for some form of compensation, something that the previous repairmen failed to mention to me.

    The very same day I called customer care and spoke to Devon, inquiring if I could get a rush on this repair given the history of poor repaired that I have had to endure. Devon returned my call to let me know that Trans Global does not provide any special circumstance service. Furthermore, alerted me to the fact that the service repairman never put the order through even though his job description required him to do so by the end of the day. When I asked if I could therefore, speak to her supervisor to resolve this issue, she replied that no one was available, but agreed to have someone call me back by 11:00 am EST on August 13, 2015.

    On August 13, I had not received any calls from anyone at customer care and by 3:00 pm I decided to call customer care myself. This time I spoke to someone named Roy who put me on hold for over half an hour only to tell me that there were no team leaders available to speak to me, but that someone would call me within an hour. This call never came. Twenty-four hours later I called customer care myself once again (It seems if I don’t call no one will bother calling me back) and finally spoke to a team leader named Shawn. She explained that the delay is caused by their need to approve any part that even though it is under warranty. Whilst she did agree to put a rush on the service, this is an empty gesture as we are now at the weekend and Trans Global does not provide any service during the weekend. I will now be without a refrigerator for at least seven days. This is adding a further financial burden, as I now have to order out for my whole family until my refrigerator is repaired.

    As is evidenced from the constant lack of service, incompetence from the service staff (since the same problem keeps reoccurring) and utter disregard for how I am being treated as a customer, I am hereby requesting some form of compensation from The Brick. The compensation that I am requesting, is derived from your own compensation policy, which I was told by Devon (of customer care) is that I am entitled to a new appliance if the same part keeps requiring repairs. Given his policy, and give the constant poor service that I have received. I firmly believe that this is a just and fair compensation for the hardships that I have had to endure from your organization.


    Joe S

  17. I’ll never go back to the Brick. They’ve screwed up my last two orders, didn’t deliver when they said they would, and the last time my couch showed up without legs, which they wouldn’t courier out to me. I had to drive 70km to get them.

    In addition to the worst customer service in the business, I’ve now been scammed by them twice with their claims of “No interest.” Quite simply, it’s false. The first time I discovered this was when I bought a chair and stove, which came in at just over $1000. I went for the “Do not pay” option, but went back and paid off the balance long before the period ended. Then, suddenly, a few months later I started getting daily phone calls from the TD saying I owed a balance on my account that was past due. It was a small amount, about $40 or so, which they described as “administrative fees.” Read “interest.” After two months of harassment I ended up paying it.

    I should have learned my lesson… and now they’ve done it to me again. We bought $3000 worth of furniture, which ended up being crap, and once again I paid off the entire account months early. Now they’re after me again for another $288. They claim the collection on the first amount defaulted my second “no interest” agreement, something they didn’t mention when I bought my second load of furniture. And I was still charged an administrative fee up front for the “no interest no payment” option. This is currently unresolved, but I can say with certainty it won’t end well. I’m waiting for a call back from management, but they habitually hide behind the girls at the front desk.

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