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Date: 2009/04/16 @ 2:30 PM [GMT-5]

Dear Sir/ Madam:

I am very much disgusted reading one of your Feature Stories: The Pearl of Great Price: promoting equitable access to education in Sri Lanka over sixty years.

It is Sri Lanka’s quota system for education that infuriated youngsters of Tamils of Sri Lanka that now has ended up as a genocide. I am very much disappointed that the whole body did not know about this.

Please see below notes for further clarifications:
The uprisings in the North were also against elected governments because if you take the North and South, the bulk of the people were highly educated. In fact, until 1970 the bulk of the university entrants were from the North, then from the South. Mrs Bandaranaike’s Government, in 1971, introduced standardisation and the district quota system in order to enhance the opportunities for the vast majority from the not-so-developed areas to enter universities.

“The [1972] constitution also sanctioned measures that discriminated against Tamil youth in university admissions. Tamil youth were particularly irked by the “standardization” policy that Bandaranaike’s government introduced in 1973. The policy made university admissions criteria lower for Sinhalese than for Tamils.”

Hopefully, you will not build such a standardization policies in another country and ignite another civil war.

I have posted this letter on my blog at The World Bank has found pearl in Sri Lanka: Standardization and District Quota system for education.
Thank you.

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