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Date:  2007/11/02 @ 12:12 pm [GMT-5]

Dear Camilla Hall,

I have read your article titled Tamil Tiger Political Chief Thamilchelvan Killed on Bloomberg.  You have mentioned “…Tamils, who make up about 8.5 percent of the South Asian nation’s 20 million people”.  I am wondering where you have got your statistics from.

The official statistic that Government of Sri Lanka uses was taken on 1981.  Due to ethnic conflict, there was no statistics were taken in North East areas of Sri Lanka.  The statistic notes 12.7 Sri Lankan Tamils and 5.5 Indian Tamils [1].  It is based on this statistics 22 Tamil member of parliaments were elected as the quota system is what in use in Sri Lankan electoral process.  If you are not using the official statistic that even the Sri Lankan government uses, then how credible your news source?

I have posted this letter on my blog at Bloomberg’s falls statistics.

Thank you


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