Date:  2008/07/23 @ 6:45 PM [GMT-5]

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am very glad to find out today that Google News is given in Tamil as well.  I am a regular visitor of Google News, and this Tamil service would be a great help for me.  Thank you.

I also noticed, with a little bit of disappointment, there is no “standard section” for Tamileelam [த‌மிழீழ‌ம்].  Tamils around the world pay quite some time to read news about  த‌மிழீழ‌ம், as we emigirated from Sri Lanka as refugees, fleeing genocide.  It would be great use, if I and fellow Tamils around the world could get the த‌மிழீழ‌ம் in the standard section when you “Personalize this page“.

I have posted this letter on my blog at Google செய்திக‌ள்.

Thank you

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