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Date: 2007/12/03 @ 10:54 AM [GMT-5]

Dear Editors,

I have known National Post as a very aggressive media against our Tamil Freedom struggle. But I am not understanding why National Post intentionally manipulates facts against Tamil ethnicity struggle.

I was reading your article TOUGH STAND TAKEN ON SRI LANKA. You have mentioned “Last week, events were held around Toronto to mark Tamil Heroes’ Day, which commemorates the anniversary of the first Tamil Tigers suicide bombing.” This is totally untrue. The Maaveerar Naal or Tamil Heroes’ Day is to commemorate the first death occurred in our armed struggle to freedom, after so many ahimsa protests were brutally beaten and so many anti-Tamil riots. This death is not a suicide mission. You may read about it at From Death of the First Hero.

I have previously sent a letter pointing out similar false reporting. You can view my letter at National Post’s racism.

There are more than 1500 Tamils were arrested in Sri Lanka just for being born in the ethnicity. Sri Lanka imposes emergency law almost continuously last two decades. More over, the state terror Sri Lankan government openly violated human rights, sponsoring paramilitary and deadly military to kill Tamils and political enemies. There is no single ban against the state terror Sri Lankan government. As a Tamil, my only single question is that when will you advocate tangible actions against Sri Lanka to stop the state terrorism?

I have posted this letter on my blog at National Post’s false report.


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