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Date: 2007/09/13 @ 9:21 AM [GMT-5]

Dear Sir/ Madam:

I heard the news that P Nedumaran, head of Tamil National Movement, was arrested for his attempt to carry food, medicines, and other essential items for civilians in Sri Lanka, and later released. I was reading the news at IBN Live, TN’s Pro-LTTE leader Nedumaran arrested. I noted that they have reported as “…Indian Red Cross refused to carry supplies that his organisation had collected for the Tamils …”. I was wondering why Red Cross refused to carry already collected supplies for the needy.

As you are already aware, Tamils are immensely suffering from the oppression of Sri Lankan state terrorism. He has done the enormous job of collecting essential items and initiated the move to supply the collected. If an organization like Red Cross, which has the mandate to help the needy, could not help when help is already initiated, I wonder what is the real agenda of such organizations. I hate to admit that I am very disappointed in Red Cross’s decision and I think Red Cross should act to relieve humanitarian crisis unfolding in Sri Lanka rather than working on behalf of governments.

I have posted my letter on my blog at Why IRC refused to help?.

Thank you for your understanding.


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