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Date: 2007/07/04 @ 10:26 am [GMT -5]

Sir Dan McTeague,

I would like to thank you for speaking for the plight of Tamil people in Sri Lanka. I came to know that you have sent a letter to our honourable prime minister on the plight of Tamil people in Sri Lanka at Harper urged to locate Canadian Embassy branch in Jaffna

It is with great difficulty that Tamil people have to travel to Colombo to communicate with Canadian embassy. The distance between Colombo and Jaffna are roughly 300 KM yet it takes one whole day to travel. The land route is blocked by Sri Lankan Army [SLA] even though that is a violation of the Cease Fire Agreement. People line up early as one to two days before to get on board a ship. Now that a Tamil cannot temporarily stay in Colombo more than 48 hours, it is with great financial and safety burden the Tamil people have to communicate with Canadian Embassy. It would be a great ease on Tamil people, if a branch of Canadian Embassy is opened in Jaffna.

I thank you again for your voice for a crying ethnicity in Sri Lanka.


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Date: 2007/07/23 3:01 pm


SCARBOROUGH, July 20, 2007



Dear __MY_NAME__

Thank you for your letter regarding my correspondence to Prime Minister Harper requesting that a Canadian Consulate be opened in Jaffna, Sri Lanka.

It is clear to me, as well as many observers of the region, that the situation in Sri Lanka has become untenable. Contrary to the views held by some on the actions of the Sri Lankan government, I have heard enough to convince me that political efforts are being undertaken to marginalize the Tamil population.

It is my firm belief that Canada can play a role to play in helping to ease tensions and support genuine efforts aimed at bringing peace to that country. To be fair, successive Canadian governments have taken some steps but I believe Canada can do more – especially with respect to easing the suffering of innocent people on all sides. I am therefore appalled that the Government of Canada does not seem to be taking seriously the reports of violence that have been coming out of our own officials at our embassy in Colombo.

I also have had several constituents indicate to me that their loved ones in Colombo encounter considerable difficulties in accessing the services of our embassy. Ongoing immigration applicants and even people simply trying to acquire information from the embassy have been impeded by what can only be viewed as a governmental policy that seems to have been crafted to remove or make life difficult for Tamils residing in the capital area.

It is for these reasons that I feel that it is necessary for a Canadian consulate be opened in Jaffna and be able to provide Tamils with unrestricted access to Canadian immigration services.

It is time for Government of Canada to take concrete action to ease the tension and horrific outbursts of violence in Sri Lanka. While it is my belief that Canada should and could do more with its aid policy, the Sri Lankan Government cannot escape its share of responsibility. I also believe that any other party should escape responsibility for disrupting legitimate efforts designed to bring peace and security to the country. Make no mistake, any act that foments unrest and violence is simply unacceptable – whoever carries those acts out.

I am sure you would agree that those who aim to perpetuate instability, like those who perpetrate any kind of heinous act of violence, must be held fully accountable.

Once again, thank you for providing me with your views on this very serious matter.


Hon. Dan McTeague, P.C., M.P.

Hon. Dan McTeague. P.C., M.P.
Pickering Scarborough-East
Official Opposition Critic for Consumer and ConsularAffairs

6758 Kingston Rd.
Unit #3
Scarborough, ON
M1B 1G8
Tel.#: (416) 287-0110
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Date: 2007/07/24 8:03 am

Dear Hon. Dan McTeague:

Thank you for your reply. We have had the war for too long and discrimination from 1950s. I hope Canada can play a pivotal role in Sri Lankan Tamils’ life sooner than “too late”.


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2007/07/24 9:05 am

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