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Date: 2007/02/19 @ 10:20 am [GMT-5]

Dear Hon. Peter MacKay,

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Canada.

Britian is threatening to follow the footsteps of German to stop a grant of £41 million (90M CDN) to Sri Lanka. The reason being:

“…Britain claims that Sri Lanka is guilty of a significant violation of international obligations, particularly human rights, an instigation of hostilities and an unjustified rise in military spending. It believes that instead of spending the sum released on tsunami recovery and poverty reduction it has gone on a spending spree for military hardware and logistics.

Britian is the second EU country to take a stand along this line. Germany has already announced it was stopping aid and called on other EU countries to do the same. It looks like the international community is beginning to understand what Tamils have been saying all along.

Sri Lanka is a chauvinistic Sinhala government killing Tamils, not worrying whether they carried guns or not. Their aim is to eradicate Tamils from the island. Tamils need to be saved from the hawks of Sinhala Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan army should be evacuated from Tamils homeland, Tamil Eelam. Even Canada seems to take the side of the state terrorist, Sri Lanka. Canada followed the footsteps of EU to list, Tamils only hope, LTTE as a terrorist organization. Now EU seems to have realized its wrong-doing.

Is Canada going to continue its support to a state terrorist? Is Canada not worried about Sri Lanka breaking international obligations? Does Canada care about the Tamils humans rights in Sri Lanka? Finally, is Canada providing funds titled “Tsunami Aid” to Sri Lanka to buy military hardware and logistics to kill Tamils?

I have posted this letter in my blog at When is Canada going to act on Sri Lanka?.


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