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Dated: 2006/07/05  12:35 PM  (GMT-05:00)

Dear editor:

I sincerely thank you for publishing my article in your website. I have also amended a note, which you may post as comment.

Amendment I:

There was a report about child soldiers in LTTE. Before you start to think its bad, think why it happens. Why children go to work? Its not that they go there and play. The root cause is poverty. Now, think about NE areas. Even though the “poverty” reason cannot be ruled out, the majority of the cause is that they were affected by SLA. Children lose their father, mother, or relatives by the SLA firings/ bombings. Then they become LTTE to take revenge. So the welfare of the people should be elevated in the NE areas and the damage done to civilian families should be eliminated. This is evident if you look at Tamil children from other areas, where they do not join LTTE.

Hence, it is not wrong to say it is SLA and GoSL that compels people to become LTTE.


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