Awesome Vancouver…..

Looking back on the past few weeks….feels awesome!

Your dad and I arrived in Vancouver, BC to visit your grandparents and uncle on the 5th of August. It was our first trip by air with you. I remember how excited I was that day but the flight trip was not comfortable as I could not sit on the seat for 5 hours continuously, because you were in my tummy.

Everyone was very excited to see us. We had a BBQ the week after we arrived there. We went to eat sushi with your uncle 2 times. In the evenings, I took your dad around some parks in Richmond and Vancouver – We always had a good time  doing that. It was always very romantic just what I always ask your dad for. He also told me that he had dreamt of doing this. And you could tell how happy he was to see his dream come true.

You, my dear have been very very active. Unbelievable! You do give me a rough time at times. My morning sickness has not stopped. I could not sleep properly until this week. But it is supposed to get worse next trimester.

Your uncle and grandparents are waiting to spoil you – this both your dad and I can tell. Your dad has changed so much. He learned how to cope with a pregnant woman’s needs. He is just so awesome. He is always there to do whatever I need. Before, I do argue with him for not doing things. But really, he does so much before but I always complained. He always says this but I have come to understand it now. Now I see so many changes. I guess the past few weeks your dad and I have changed a lot along with you.

I felt you crawling today. The feeling was great!