So many gifts……..

Your grandma is here…. and she brought you so many gifts from your appappa and maama.

Your dad and I were looking at the gifts and we were thinking so many gifts already?????????? WOW…..LUCKY KID!

Your maama not just send clothes for you….he also bought you a Wii!!!!!!

Your grandma is so happy when she sees you moving in my tummy. She can’t wait to see you. After I have you, I have both your grandmas for support!!!!!!! Thank god!

Nowadays, I am having a hard time walking. Its almost as  if you are going to drop pretty soon!

I can’t sleep well nowadays! Its so uncomfortable!

Your dad is getting very excited by the day to see you! I can’t wait to see you but also nowadays I am having a very hard time getting comfortable. I feel like crying at times because I just don’t know how to get comfortable.

I have the feeling that I will have you in 2 weeks time. Lets see if my prediction is right!