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Our Constitutional Conundrum – A Commentary

By Prof. Jayadeva Uyangoda - Wed Nov 15, 9:20 am

Image courtesy Corridors of Power project, which marries architecture and constitutional theory.

Sri Lanka’s current political debate on constitutional reform is significant for a variety of reasons. The Interim Report of the Constitutional Assembly has inspired a spirited opposition from Buddhist monks, reminding us of the similar opposition emerged in 1995 when professor G. L. Peiris unveiled the August 1995 proposal of the People’s Alliance government. Although Professor Peiris has changed his political beliefs beyond recognition, the leading Buddhist monks, who continue to be very vocal on matters constitutional, have not.

Meanwhile, the old politics of constitutional reform repeats itself with the parliamentary opposition pushing to the front the Buddhist clergy to fight the ideological battle on its behalf. (Or are they being backed by some sections of the government too, one wonders?…

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