Wednesday, April 1, 2020 01:19:25 AM

Muslims In Sri Lanka: A new strategy for engagement

By Soraya Deen - Mon Apr 09, 8:46 am

Scores of Muslim mosques, homes and businesses were destroyed as mobs ran amok for three days in Kandy. Thousands of Muslims are disillusioned and uncertain about their safety and security for the future. Well-meaning majority Buddhists have made fresh pledges and called on the government to investigate the violence. As this is being investigated and persons of interest apprehended, fresh revelations emerge every day. This article is not about what went wrong but about what needs to be done.

I was in Sri Lanka when the news of the racial riots in the district of Kandy broke. The magnitude of the attacks came as a shock. Needless to say that this shattered my sense of safety and security. I was in Kandy, miles from Digana and Teldeniya, engulfed in uncertainty as I heard firsthand how family and friend’s homes, and businesses were destroyed….

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