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SL military refuses to release illegally seized lands at Pul-moaddai, Trincomalee

By TamilNet Newswire - Sun Apr 03, 7:37 pm

In addition thousands of acres of agricultural lands that have been seized from Eezham Tamils by the Sinhalese in Kuchchave’li DS division in Trincomalee, the occupying military of genocidal SL State continues to keep around 500 acres of private and public lands. The SL military is refusing to release these lands, even for the purpose of a housing scheme for government employees, Tamil civil sources in Trincomalee told TamilNet. Pul-moaddai (meaning grassy pond), situated at a sandbar on the side of the Eastern Province of the North-East border, is not only a must location from the genocidal point of view, but is also a place of significant economic importance because of the ilmanite deposits found there beneath the white sand dunes.

The SL State is carrying out demographic genocide at the strategic locations in the country of Eezham Tamils with the backing of New Deli and Washington that groom the Sinhala military.

Just a few days ago, on 29 March, the US Navy and the Navy of genocidal Sri Lanka staged an official ‘one-to-one’ direct discussions as part of the ‘Pacific Partnership’. The SL Navy was highlighting it as ‘first-ever instance’ in Sinhala language to the public.

During the genocidal war, the military of the New Delhi Establishment had a station at Pul-moaddai ostensibly for the purpose of medical assistance, but actually to coordinate ‘monitoring’.

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