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1 Country-2 Nations has a chance!

By Sri Lanka Guardian - Wed Jan 16, 11:07 pm

Ever since I wrote on a ‘1 Country-2 Nation’ solution to the Tamil-Sinhala problem, a number of articles have appeared heralding that view, a good thing for peace mongers around the world I think.

Entitled “The De Silva Principle,” a half page opinion piece was written in Britain’s Asian Times newspaper that said this type of peace was possible, and indeed was something the LTTE had been prepared to accept before their defeat at the hands of government forces.

On Monday January 31, 2011, The Sri Lanka Guardian , some time afterwards, ran a piece, using reverse phraseology for this same slogan, originally sourced from the Chinese model of ‘1 Country-’Two Nations One Country Option: way out of impasse’.

The article, by I. S. Senguttuvan, said “Our conflict is essentially race-based. From ancient times two nations have lived in the Island. In the circumstances, a way out on a Two -Nation One-Country formulae (Sinhala and Tamil Nations) should be looked into.

It added: “The Israeli-Palestinian question is being negotiated currently under the same formulae is relevant to be borne in mind. Hardline Tamils also should note a Separate State altogether is harmful both to them as well….

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