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On Myanmar, Kofi Annan Speech, Here, With Alan Doss, UN Nepotism King

By InnerCity Press - Fri Oct 13, 7:34 pm

By Matthew Russell Lee, photos; video
UNITED NATIONS, October 13 — The UN’s failure and duplicity in Myanmar is now fully on display. Just after Secretary General Antonio Guterres for the second time defended long discredited UN Resident Coordinator Renata Lok-Dessalien, who is accused on the record of retaliating against UN staff for raising the plight of the Rohingya, the UN with less fanfare has said she will belatedly leave the country by the end of October. Inner City Press addressed this on Canadian TV on October 12, here, then asked UN Spokesman Farhan Haq, UN transcript here and below. 
On October 13, penned in staking out the UN Security Council’s closed Arria formula meeting on Myanmar, Inner City Press asked one of the origins of the problem, Ban Ki-moon, if there should be a UN Assistant Secretary General in Myanmar, replacing Ban’s Vijay Nambiar (who covered up killings there as he did in Sri Lanka). Ban just waved, video here. Ban’s brother Ban Ki Ho has done business in Myanmar. After the meeting, which despite being closed at least one hand-accompanied by former (and disgraced) UN official Alan Doss, still famous for the nepotism Inner City Press exposed, before being evicted and now restricted. He’s with the Kofi Annan Foundation which, like The Elders with Ban Ki-moon, has been silent on the killings in Cameroon. We’ll write the Doss story separately. Here’s Annan’s statement at the stakeout, before his and Ban’s and now Guterres’ spokesman Stephane Dujarric hand-picked “I’ve had a very good discussion with the Council on the situation in Rakhine, and I focused mainly on the report of the Rakhine Commission, which I had the privilege of chairing….

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