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Countering the Fascists on the Streets: A Lesson from Australia

By Channa Wickremesekera - Wed Oct 04, 8:42 am

Photo by Christina Coombe

The recent attack by a group of hoodlums led by Buddhist monks on a safe house sheltering Rohingya refugees in Colombo has once again exposed the ugly face of Sinhala chauvinism in Sri Lanka.  The incident which occurred with the complicity of the police is only the latest in a series of such monk-led thuggery in Sri Lanka aimed at intimidating minorities, especially the Muslims. While outraging many in Sri Lanka and abroad it has also raised concerns of such actions getting out of hand with the streets of the island being completely surrendered to the rowdy monks and their goons.

Following the event the question has been raised, especially in some social media circles, as to the role of the Left in combating such intimidation and violence. Where were the much vaunted revolutionaries of the Left when you needed them? seem to be the question doing the rounds on Facebook and other social media. The question, posed mockingly, is not a rhetorical one. The Left had traditionally been the ally of the minorities and despite the older Marxist parties’ alliance with the Rajapaksa regime and the JVP’s support for the war this image has remained strong in the minds of many people in the South….

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