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Why I Oppose Federalism for Sri Lanka: Reply to Dr. Devanesan Nesiah

By Dr Dayan Jayatilleka - Fri Sep 29, 12:42 am

Featured image courtesy Dinuka Liyanawatta/Reuters

I thank Dr. Devanesan Nesiah for his constructive engagement (Constitutional choices and Tamil Politics-1 Sept 28th 2017) with the ideas I had recently expressed at this crossroads of contemporary Sri Lankan history. I am gratified by his generosity when he says that “overall, I am largely in agreement with what Dayan has written.” I also appreciate the absence of dogmatism, prejudice and vehemence that many Sinhala ‘political fundamentalists’ have shown towards my ideas on the subject in other forums. I write to clarify and correct the views that Dr. Nesiah has attributed to me as well as to engage critically with some of the ideas he has elaborated in response to mine.

I must, at the outset, make clear what the basis of my approach is. It is that of a political scientist….

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