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On Myanmar, UNSG Guterres Briefs Sept 28 But Resisted Calls To Act, For"The Lady," ICP Asked

By InnerCity Press - Wed Sep 27, 7:23 am

By Matthew Russell Lee, exclusive; video here

In Myanmar, I heard from some people that work in the Department of Political Affairs [DPA], and I wanted to get you to respond to this, the idea being that the Secretary-General has been urged for some time, in fact months, to be more vocal or be more active on the issue of the plight of the Rohingya and that, at least at an earlier stage, his analysis was that this might put Aung San Suu Kyi in a difficult decision with the military.  Is that an accurate depiction?  And, if so, has the plight changed so much, or does he think he might have gotten involved earlier? Spokesman:  I would say it’s an accurate description.  I think anyone who would have read or seen the Secretary-General’s statements on the situation in Myanmar over the last two weeks could only say that he’s being vocal and being extremely vocal on the situation….

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