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UN Restricted Grid of UNGA Events To Insiders, ICP Puts It Online Here, Open the UN

By InnerCity Press - Wed Sep 20, 8:40 am

UNITED NATIONS, September 20 – The UN is limitingaccess passes during this UN General Assembly week to what it calls “resident correspondents,” many of whom rarely even come into the UN, some whom have never asked any questions. Meanwhile the investigative Press asking the UN every day about UN reform and corruption, Cameroon, Sri Lanka, Yemen, Burundi and elsewhere, is banned from the passes, as are the many journalists working out of the UN Media Center (in which the handler of French President Emmanuel Macron took over a whole row, despite claims there are no assigned seats). The UN’s holdover spokesman Stephane Dujarric, when Inner City Press asked, said le Media Center, ce n’est pas moi. He also said, in a “background” briefing he tried to exclude Inner City Press from, that he would be sending around the “grid” of UNGA events. He never sent it to Inner City Press, nor presumably to the other journalists the UN denies the special “UNCA” passes to. 
But Inner City Press obtained the grid from a disgusted whistleblower elsewhere in the UN system and now in the spirit of the Free UN Coalition for Access puts it online here, for wider use. Open the UN. On September 15, as Inner City Press worked in the small booth it’s confined to since being evicted from the UN Press Briefing Room and its UN office by UN Spokesman Stephane Dujarric, it saw some insider correspondents passing by and into the Briefing Room. To not fall into a trap, Inner City Press asked UN Media Accreditation what the event was, of which it was not informed….

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