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Peculiar laws that affect Malaysians

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Peculiar-laws-that-affect-Malaysians-1PETALING JAYA: While Malaysians may generally perceive the bulk of the country’s laws to be nothing out of the ordinary, very few are aware of some eccentric pieces of legislation that can be said to stand out for their quirkiness and oddity.

Indeed, the country is not without its fair share of peculiar laws – from a provision that punishes those who seduce married women to one which penalises the conduct of insulting, from a whole act to establish a corporate body for an order of Catholic nuns to a clause that criminalises sexual actions of certain kinds.

Not many know that there is a law to forbid an adult male from “enticing” another man’s wife for sexual relations.

Last month, a Sri Lankan man was accused of seducing a married woman under Section 498 of the Penal Code at the Kuantan Magistrate’s Court.

The provision, adopted from the Indian Penal Code to deter adultery among married people, makes it an offence to entice a married woman for “illicit intercourse”. Those found guilty face a jail term of up to two years or fine, or both….

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