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On Myanmar, UNSG Guterres Resisted Calls To Act, Officials Tell ICP, Deference to "The Lady"

By InnerCity Press - Sat Sep 16, 11:22 am

By Matthew Russell Lee, exclusive; video here
UNITED NATIONS, September 16 – Myanmar’s abuse of the Rohingya has suddenly become a major topic for the UN of Secretary General Antonio Guterres. But senior UN officials exclusively tell Inner City Press that in the prior months, Guterres repeatedly rejected detailed recommendations made directly to him by some of his officials to become more active on the crisis. 
The officials tell Inner City Press that Guterres responded that for the UN to become more active might create problems for “The Lady,” Aung San Suu Kyi, and the military. So the UN stood by, as it did in Sri Lanka in 2008-2009 and in Rwanda before that, always with an excuse. There was even a ten point plan presented early on to Guterres, on which he never acted. 
but did not inform or invite Inner City Press, who asks him many questions, including about Myanmar. To this has the UN descended. The UN Security Council’s September 13 meeting on Myanmar was a closed affair, after which the President of the Council, Ethiopia, read a statement that “acknowledg[ed] the attack on the Myanmar security forces on “The United Nations in-country presence in Myanmar continues to be glaringly dysfunctional….

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