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Examining Facets of Corruption in Sri Lanka

By Laksiri Fernando - Sat Sep 02, 3:48 am

Recent events have brought the issue of corruption into the spotlight. When you open a daily newspaper, chances are there will be four or five cases involving corruption within its pages, reported almost every day. Corruption derails development, distorts the democratic system and decays the moral fabric of society. The ultimate victims are ordinary people. Those who can make a major contribution against corruption are not limited to one or two organisations. The media, academics, journalists, civil society organisations, religious leaders and ‘leftists’ should make a concerted effort to oppose and expose corruption, without bias to any one political party or regime.

The reason for pinpointing ‘leftists,’ entirely independent of other political groups and formations, is their declared commitment to combating corruption and injustice. Whether this holds true in practice is still a controversial topic due to various political alliances and ambiguous practices. Those who might make a genuine effort (like the JVP perhaps) should not do it for pure political gain….

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