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On the Harassment of the Lanka Comic Con Players

By Amalini De Sayrah - Fri Sep 01, 6:09 am

Featured image courtesy Che Studio

Though Sri Lanka often promotes the fact that it elected the first female Prime Minister as an example of its progressive stance on gender inequality, some Sri Lankans can’t stand to see a strong woman hold her own without giving into a seemingly innate need to tear her down. A strong, opinionated woman who is willing to face her oppressors head on is the anti-thesis to the patriarchy most of them have been fed since birth. This type of woman runs counter to what they’ve been raised to expect from females in general – quiet, docile, and with a pleasant physical appearance, as determined by their gaze.

Perhaps it’s most visible online, since we’re all drowning in our digital existence and the comments and memes are too hard to ignore. While the harassment of women online is not specific to a particular type, those who step out with confidence in themselves and in their convictions, are often torn down solely because some can’t stand to see that strength – the most recent being the spate of memes that Lanka Comic Con 2017 generated.

Lanka Comic Con annually brings together lovers of science fiction and fantasy for a few days of entertainment, learning and sharing. The experience includes sales of original art and craft, discussions by leading local and international authors and artists and many well-loved cosplay shows….

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