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Bar Association of Sri Lanka on Lakshan Dias

By H.V. Perera - Sun Jul 02, 2:01 am

Image courtesy News First

The reply sent by the Bar Association of Sri Lanka [BASL] to Lakshan Dias is embarrassing.

Faced with a belligerent Ministerial threat to disenroll him Dias had emailed Amal Randeniya, the Secretary – BASL seeking assistance. Randeniya’s reply was to ask Dias to forward ‘an affidavit with all the facts pertaining to the matter’. The first point of embarrassment is the wording of the response itself. Lawyers wrangle about the specifics for a living yet, Randeniya chooses to be vague. After all there are several ‘matters’ here. They are;

The threat made by Minister Rajapakse….

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