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A Continuing Conversation on National Reconciliation Policy

By Devanesan Nesiah - Sat Jun 10, 2:43 am

Featured image courtesy IRIN News

Laksiri Fernando’s prompt response of 6th June to mine reveals that he has not read my article carefully. It is precisely to avoid needless finger pointing that I suggested that the Sinhalese should take the initiative in correcting caste prejudice within their ethnic group and that the Tamils should do the same in respect of caste prejudice within their ethnic group, and that they should jointly address issues common to both ethnic groups.

The trilingual policy that I envisage is to teach both Sinhalese and Tamil to every child from Primary School to at least Mid Secondary School, and to teach English throughout Secondary School to everyone. Every district should have at least one school that teaches in the Sinhalese, Tamil and English medium from Mid Secondary School upwards, and students should have the option of choosing their medium of instruction (changing schools if necessary) by the time they enter Upper Secondary School or even later. Tertiary education should be available in all three language media.

Regarding urban rural disparities, how can district quotas be a cure for it? District quotas have a terrible impact on the prospects of children from deprived families attending deprived schools in urban areas….

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