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Response to Devanesan Nesiah on “National Reconciliation Policy”

By Laksiri Fernando - Mon Jun 05, 1:15 am

Featured image courtesy Steve Chao /Al Jazeera via JDS

First, I must thank Devanesan Nesiah for his response in Groundviews (27 May) to my article on ‘National Reconciliation Policy’ (The Island, 15 May) with his agreement on 7 of the 8 policy areas raised, and clearly expressing his doubts, disagreements and suggestions. As John Stuart Mill said, ‘the usefulness of an opinion is itself matter of opinion’ (‘On Liberty,’ p. 46). There is no infallibility. All these are open for discussion.

Second, his identification of three areas in combating caste discrimination are commendable. But one might ask why insist that the ‘the initiative needs to come from Sri Lankan Buddhists’? Finger pointing is not that ‘conciliatory’, from whichever side it comes….

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