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Indian court suspends controversial cow slaughter ban

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India's-Muslim-meat-tradersNEW DELHI: An Indian court Tuesday temporarily suspended a ban imposed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government on the sale of cattle for slaughter, dealing the first legal blow to the controversial measure.

The government last week prohibited the sale and purchase of cows — an animal considered sacred for Hindus — for slaughter across India.

The sudden ruling sparked protests against what many saw as an overreach by the Hindu-right Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Some states where cow slaughter is legal vowed to fight the decree.

The Madras High Court in the southern state of Tamil Nadu stayed the federal ban on Tuesday, becoming the first jurisdiction to mount a successful challenge.

“The court ruled that the order be put in abeyance for four weeks and asked the central and state governments to reply to the petition filed by my client,” Ajmal Khan, a lawyer for the petitioners, told AFP….

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