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How could only literature thrive in a ravaged society?

By [Most Reliable News From Sri Lanka] - Mon Mar 28, 3:04 am

The rights of all people who are born and die in the country could be protected only by building a just society and national unity could be built in such a society says the Leader of the JVP Anura Dissanayaka.

Making the keynote address of the Literary Festival organized by ‘Kamban Kazhagam’ held on the 25th.  Mr. Dissanayaka emphasized that the writer has a massive responsibility in building a just society and asked how only literature could be developed when the society has been ruined. He pointed out that literature develops from the existing society and literature would be instrumental in changing the society.

The JVP would never allow any more wars in the country and the JVP is prepared to create genuine unity by raising its voice with the Tamil masses said the Leader of the JVP. He said no one brings communalism or religious differences from their births and such states that occur after birth should be rejected….

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