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On UN Sex Abuse, After Haley Cites Haiti Cases, ICP Asks UN of Sri Lanka Troops, Bygones?

By InnerCity Press - Sat Apr 15, 10:27 am

By Matthew Russell Lee
UNITED NATIONS, April 13 – Amid vague claims of reform at the UN, even the victims of high profile UN malfeasance such as the sexual abuse of children in Haiti and the Central African Republic remain without any remedy. On April 13 in the UN Security Council US Ambassador Nikki Haley took the issue on, recounting the luring of children in Haiti with cookies and snacks, and the “disgusting” video-taping of an attack in 2011. She said that Troop Contributing Countries which do not prosecute those charged with abuse should not be paid. Video here; transcript below. An hour later at the noon briefing, Inner City Press asked UN Spokesman Stephane Inner City Press:  today, in the Security Council [...] child sex ring run by the UN in Haiti by Haitian peacekeepers, you said, well… you didn’t say bygones.  You said it was long time ago.  So I wanted to ask you…

Spokesman:  It’s not, it’s not at all what I said, Matthew…
Inner City Press:   I have the trans…

Spokesman:  You have the transcript.  You can interpret the transcript…
Inner City Press: Here’s my question.

Spokesman:  It’s not at all what I said….

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