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Govt applies for unprecedented trial venue switch for Sri Lankan envoy

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Ibrahim-Sahib-courtPETALINGA JAYA: Putrajaya has filed an application, on the request of the Sri Langkan ambassador to Malaysia, to transfer a criminal trial from the Sepang court to Kuala Lumpur on security grounds.

Last September, three men were charged with rioting and assaulting ambassador Ibrahim Sahib Ansar at the KLIA airport.

The unprecedented application was filed by the public prosecutor, with Sahib filing an affidavit in support of moving the court.

The application in January was made under Section 417 (d) of the Criminal Procedure Code (CPC) for the High Court to grant an order for the general convenience of a witness.

Sahib said he believed that his safety was not guaranteed if he were to attend the trial in the Sepang Sessions Court as witness because large groups of Tamils had gathered there during the last two case managements.

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