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Socio-economic rights in a Constitution: Should we trust courts over democracy?

By Advocata - Thu Apr 06, 6:35 am

Image courtesy Al Jazeera

Prof Pratap Bhanu Mehta, an eminent Indian Political scientist shared his insights into incorporating socio-economic rights in the new constitution in Sri Lanka recently. Speaking at a public event organized by Advocata Institute, sponsored by Echelon Magazine, Prof. Mehta spoke about the Indian experience in trying to establish socio-economic rights through the courts. He also touched on whether there is empirical evidence to support the realisation of social and economic rights by embedding them in the constitution.

Contributing to current debates in Sri Lanka around the drafting of a new constitution, Prof. Mehta argues that it’s necessary to go beyond existing ideological and philosophical framing and ask the simple question of what precisely is the problem that constitutionalising socio-economic and cultural rights is meant to solve.


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