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The Age of Reason, the Age of Marriage

By Ameena Hussein - Sun Apr 02, 9:39 pm

Photograph courtesy Sri Lanka Brief

In Sri Lanka, the age of marriage for Muslims girls is 12 and we are currently having a discussion on raising it to 18 to be on par with the rest of the country. This proposal has met with stubborn resistance from the clergy body ACJU which appears to have appointed itself as the sole authority to declare, the yea or nay decision with regard to this and other reforms pertaining to the Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act. I find it puzzling, that either they or any other Muslim living in Sri Lanka would find such a proposal un-Islamic. We are not living in the 7th century and times have changed vastly regarding how we live our lives. If we have embraced other changes that technology has brought into our lives, then wouldn’t it be obvious that rules and regulations that may have existed during the time of our Prophet, as custom and culture of the country would also have to change.

In ancient societies, pubescence was the age of marriage. Even as far back as 1275 there is a documented instance in England, when Sir Edward Coke determined that the age of marriage was the age of consent. At that time the age of marriage was 12….

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