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UN Censored 16: After Eviction, No Response from US Power, YouTube on Yemen & Sri Lanka, Ban Corruption

By InnerCity Press - Wed Mar 01, 12:03 am

By Matthew Russell Lee, Series, Video I, II
UNITED NATIONS, February 28 – After the UN evicted me, people suggested I reach around Isobel Coleman to Samantha Power herself. But how? She traveled with bodyguards. So I wrote an open letter, postingit on Inner City Press. Thing is, I did it at 2 in the morning. It was picked up, on Twitter at least, in Burundi and Yemen, and then in Sri Lanka. But the US Mission, windowless, remains unmoved. I would have to try the press.

  The reporter from Courthouse News who was following the Ashe case had asked to interview me and I finally set a time. He suggested the Heartland Brewery in the Port Authority bus station….

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