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Forget your race but not your mother tongue?

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kimma-tamilA few days ago, the president of the Malaysian Indian Muslim Congress (Kimma), Syed Ibrahim Kader, advised Indian-Muslim children in Malaysia to speak Tamil more often lest they forget their mother tongue.

I burst out laughing upon reading the news. Let me tell you why.

In 2005, Kimma passed a motion during its 30th annual general meeting, appealing to the government to bestow the status of Malay to Indian Muslims born in Malaysia. And in 2006, Kimma’s president met the Prime Minister of Malaysia, attempting to secure the Bumiputera status for Indian-Muslims.

A political party formed to represent the interests of the Indian Muslim community in Malaysia, Kimma decided to sacrifice the roots and true identity of the Indian-Muslims in exchange for special quotas in the civil service, federal scholarships, business licenses and enrolment in public institutions of higher learning.

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