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Google Loon: Who really is to blame for the delay?

By Groundviews - Fri Feb 03, 5:41 pm

In a news report published in the Daily Mirror on 23 January 2017 (PDF here), Telecommunication Infrastructure Development Minister Harin Fernando is quoted explicitly noting that though the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) and the Cabinet had approved the much touted Google Loon project, delays around introduction and implementation “is caused by the ITU”.

Groundviews sought clarification from the ITU over Twitter.

Why is @ITUSecGen / @ITU blocking #Google #Loon project in #srilanka, according to Govt? #lka

— Groundviews (@groundviews) January 23, 2017

We followed up with an email to the ITU, asking for their response to the Daily Mirror noting unequivocally that ITU is responsible for delaying the Google Loon deployment in Sri Lanka. We asked if,

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