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A historic moment: Breaking down the CTF report

By Raisa Wickrematunge - Mon Jan 23, 12:22 am

Sri Lankans do not want to experience war again. This is true across all ethnic groups when the Consultation Task Force for Reconciliation Mechanisms (CTF) held public consultations across the country, between June and September in 2016. The resulting report, some1000 pages long across two volumes, has made the news largely in terms of accountability, with nationalists raising objections to any international participation in the transitional justice process.

However, the submissions made by over 3,700 citizens across Sri Lanka, including from the military, were in fact far more nuanced and covered a wide spectrum of issues, as Kumudini Samuel, member of the Zonal Task Force – Western Province said in an interview with Groundviews. There were 15 Zonal Task Forces in total, comprised of “locally respected and appropriately skilled people from the relevant districts or provinces”, given the role of recording the views of the public without bias, in order to ensure that public opinion was accurately represented in the final report.

The issue of economic deprivation was also raised – the people making submissions included those who had been displaced, with little to no assistance from the State. The plight of the female headed households was another issue that was flagged, with many of them living in serious deprivation with little to no State assistance….

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