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Be sharp in dealing with investors, Putrajaya told

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PETALING JAYA: A veteran economist has urged the government to ensure that it take its best minds to the negotiating table when dealing with China.

Ramon Navaratnam, a former deputy secretary-general of the treasury, said he agreed with socio-economic activist Azlan Awang that Putrajaya needed to be cautioned against heavy indebtedness to China in the wake of troubles in Sri Lanka.

However, he said Malaysia’s economy was stronger than Sri Lanka’s, making it easier for Putrajaya to bargain for a “better deal” with China.

Azlan had earlier warned Putrajaya that it risked putting Malaysia in the same trouble that Sri Lanka was in with its indebtedness to China. He referred to a port deal between China and Sri Lanka that sparked violent riots in the South Asian country.

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