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Ban Ki-moon’s Weakness on Burundi Began in 2010, Record of Failure

By InnerCity Press - Thu Jan 12, 6:50 pm

By Matthew Russell Lee, Eighteenth in a Series UNITED NATIONS, January 1 — In the final days of Ban Ki-moon’s decade as UN Secretary General, covering up genocides in Sri Lanka, Burundi and Yemen and evicting the Press which asked about (t)his corruption, Inner City Press is reviewing Ban’s end, year by year. See also this Twitter Moment.In 2009, Ban misspoke about his history in Sri Lanka, the mass killing in which he ignored to attend his son Woo-hyun’s wedding, and where his son in law Siddharth Chatterjee had previously played an active, killing role.and it happened (though it was later reversed). Here’s Inner City Press’ report from June 3, 2009. And now Ban threatens to sue, for ambition.Ban’s ambition, then as now, was about South Korea. And as far back as 2010, Ban was weak on Burundi. From Inner City Press’ June 30, 2010 story:”UNITED NATIONS, June 30 — When an election on which the UN has spent years ends up with a single candidate and the opponent in hiding, and polling’s marked with the deadly tossing of grenades, what does Secretary General Ban Ki-moon do? He “takes note” of the one party election, in this case in Burundi….

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