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Ban Ki-moon’s UNtransparency Ended With No Net Worth Statements

By InnerCity Press - Thu Jan 12, 7:00 pm

By Matthew Russell Lee, Twenty Second in a Series UNITED NATIONS, January 3 — At the end of Ban Ki-moon’s decade as UN Secretary General, covering up genocides in Sri Lanka, Burundi and Yemen and evicting the Press which asked about (t)his corruption, Inner City Press is reviewing Ban’s tenure, year by year. See also this Twitter Moment. And now Ban aver evicting the Press in New York threatens to sue, for ambition. While Ban threatens further necessary measures according to one Korean media — Ban refused to release the threat letter; Inner City Press appeared on JTBC television news in Korea, here – others are given statistics about how much Ban traveledduring his UN decade.

  This special service to some Korean media, while evicting the investigative Press, was a hallmark of the Ban era, which early on featured false Ban claims of transparency, which would culminate in 2017 with Ban unwilling to state his net worth in 2007 and now. From Inner City Press’ 2011 story:

“UNITED NATIONS, January 28 — Rather than admit that UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon misspoke when he claimed two weeks ago that 99% of his officials have made public financial disclosure, Ban’s spokesman Martin Nesirky told Inner City Press on Friday, “I wouldn’t get hung up on the ninety nine percent figure as a mathematical absolute, because it is also a metaphorical expression, that nearly everyone” disclosed. Video here, transcript below.
  But this claim of 99% transparency has been Ban’s response to questions about the UN’s lack of accountability under his watch. On January 14, Ban told the press that “now ninety nine percent of senior advisers of the United Nations have declared their financial assets publicly on the website.”  Inner City Press reviewed the UN’s web site and found that this was not the case….

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