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As Myanmar Denied Persecution and Rape, ICP Is Told UN "Good Offices" Are Over

By InnerCity Press - Thu Jan 12, 7:07 pm

By Matthew Russell LeeUNITED NATIONS, January 5 — Myanmar was the quiet topic of the UN Security Council on the evening of November 17, between meetings on South Sudan and Syria chemical weapons. Inner City Press was informed that while the US requested the closed door briefing, the US agreed as a condition that there would be no outcome to the meeting.  And now, Myanmar is not listed in any way, even in the footnotes, of the January Program of Work of the UN Security Council, click here for that.On November 17 the briefer was Vijay Nambiar, Ban Ki-moon’s envoy on Myanmar as he was, disasterously, on Sri Lanka. And sources tell Inner City Press that amid the burning of Rohingyas’ homes and rapes and killings in Rakhine State, Nambiar advised the Council to go easy on Myanmar and give them time. This is is disgusting, all around.  The UN has refused to provide a summary of what Nambiar said. On January 5, Inner City Press asked holdover UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric, video here, UN transcript here: Inner City Press: the Myanmar Government had set up a panel to ostensibly investigate what was happening in Rakhine State, and they’ve issued their report.  And it says that there is “no proof of religious persecution and no evidence of rape,” which is contrary to what almost everyone else has found, I believe even the UN itself has found.  So what is the response of the UN system…  and also, is there a good offices going forward?…

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