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Men are not from Mars. Women are not from Venus.

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You wake up in the morning and sweep the floor, mop the house, dump the dirty laundry into the washer, and help Amma prepare breakfast. As you sip piping hot coffee, you set the table, get Appa’s newspaper and tune the radio to his favourite channel. While Amma and Appa enjoy their thosai over a light-hearted chat about Amma’s favourite Tamil mega serial on Astro Vaanavil, you tidy up the living room, set the cushions and coffee tables right, wipe a few dusty shelves and head to the backyard to dry the washed laundry.

Your brother wakes up, switches on the television and is served breakfast. He spills coffee on the floor, leaves chutney stains on the table, messes up the newspapers, leaves the television on and starts browsing 9gag on his handphone. Appa calls for you, wanting the mess cleaned up and you run all the way from the backyard to the living room, grabbing a kitchen towel on your way, obeying Appa – because that is how you were trained from young.

This everyday scene is exactly what prompted a young Malaysian Indian named Durga Shivika to pen her thoughts about gender discrimination in Indian society in her article “7 reasons why it sucks being a Malaysian Tamil girl”….

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