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The Curse of the Obstinate Patriarch

By Sasanka Perera - Sat Jan 07, 2:30 pm

Today marks the second anniversary of the victory of Maithripala Sirisena as the President of Sri Lanka at the 8th January 2015 Sri Lankan Presidential Election.  And the second anniversary of the 17th August 2015 Parliamentary Election is merely seven months away.  In the shadow of these two anniversaries, I thought of reflecting on what they mean to me in the context of what has happened, and more importantly what has not happened in the interceding two years.  This is not a political analysis.  I leave that to friends and colleagues more attuned to Sri Lankan politics on a routine basis.

This is literally a reflection tempered by hope, frustration and anger enmeshed in a pervasive sense of anxiety, which seems to suggest that grand dreams in our land have very little capacity for realization.
I did not vote in either of the two elections, as I was not in the country.  Had I been in the country, I would have voted for Sirisena as President and the Ranil Wickramasinghe-led United National Party-United National Front for Good Governance alliance. I would have done so even though I had absolutely no confidence in either politician or the political formations they lead….

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